About Me


“All disease starts in the gut.”   Hipocrates.

My name is Ailsa, I live in the iconic beachside suburb of Bondi, in Sydney Australia which has been my home for the past 23 years. I moved to Sydney from London as an 18 year old vegetarian and have always had an interest in healthy eating.

I was a vegetarian for 15 years and didn’t miss meat at all. In 2005, I started studying nutrition at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies and through study and clinic I discovered that what I had considered a healthy diet wasn’t so healthy. A very limited consumption of protein over 15 years, an over-reliance on bread (which was my staple for most meals) and refined sugars had caused leaky gut syndrome, constant fatigue and a number of other minor health problems that I didn’t think too much about.

Through diet, I was able to reverse these ailments and restore a sense of vitality that I had lacked for a number of years.

Since 2005, I’ve tried various elimination diets and through trial an error have found what works best for my body. I avoid processed foods and sugars, eat an abundance of vegetables, enjoy quality meat and fish in moderation and limit dairy and alcohol. For the preparation of grains, legumes and nuts I follow the principles outlined by Sally Fallon in her book Nourishing Traditions and also follow many of the theories established by Dr Weston Price.

This blog is born from my desire to help others that wish to follow a similar diet to boost their digestive health but who are time poor. Some of the recipes require long cooking times in a slow cooker/crock pot but even those generally require minimal preparation. I try to use ingredients that are widely available and avoid fussy meals with lots of ingredients. Save that for the professional cooks.

Finally, many of my recipes are adaptable and can be enjoyed by the whole family. For example I eat turkey bolognese with cauliflower rice but my partner enjoys his with pasta and parmesan – solving a problem common in many households where different family members have different palettes/dietary requirements.


For the record, I completed the Nutrition A unit that I studied in 2005 but  didn’t complete the full diploma in nutrition due to competing work priorities. I hope to do so one day! I don’t have any culinary training either- the recipes on this site are all intended to be simple and easy to make so that they can be followed by anyone, even those with little or no cooking skills.